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DBT Sills-Based Group

Begins JULY 13, 2022

*Space is limited*

Join the group and learn how to better manage your feelings, express yourself more effectively and improve the way you engage with others.

We all experience difficulty at times in managing our feelings, expressing ourselves effectively and engaging with others. This group offers the opportunity to develop skills that will allow us not only to learn from each other's experiences but also grow as individuals through sharing those moments of growth together! We will meet virtually together for 90 minutes once a week for 6 months. 


The sessions will be broken down as follows:

  1. Intro/Prep work

  2. Mindfulness Module

  3. Distress Tolerance Module

  4. Emotion Regulation Module

  5. Interpersonal Relationship Module

  6. Tying it all together

Not only will the class provide you with a list for all materials, but I’ll also be able to check in 1:1 throughout and offer coaching sessions as needed.

Let's Get Started


Pricing Options

$360 - Monthly (due by the 15th of each month)

$1944 - One-time payment (includes a 10% discount)


Add-ons can be purchased at the beginning or any time during the duration of the class.

$110 - 45 minute 1:1 session

$30 -15 minute coaching session (during office hours)

$20 - Successful Start-Up Boxes

Start-Up boxes have all items you need to complete the class effectively. 




About The Group

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